School Management System

WE KNOW YOU’RE FRUSTRATED. Many schools have adopted technology in their processes, but a lot of these technologies don’t talk to each other!

There is a separate system for enrollment, another system for payments, and yet another system for uploading class materials, taking examinations, and viewing grades.

CEREBRO® solves this problem for you with Cerebro Plus, an integrated school management and content library system for schools that combines all the important aspects of school operations in a single platform.

School Admin Portal

Post school-wide announcements • Manage academic terms • Evaluate applicants • Setup courses and fees • Assign teaching loads • Generate billing statements • Issue school records • Accept online and manual payments

Teachers’ Portal

View teaching load • See class lists • Use ready-made lessons and quizzes • Post class announcements • Record students’ attendance • Encode grades • Exchange messages with students • Update professional profile

Students’ Portal

Submit application requirements • Enroll online • View study load • Access class materials and e-books • Answer quizzes and assignments • View billing statements • Pay manually or online • View grades • Request for school records • Exchange messages with other users